Energy Efficiency versus Color Enhancement

Operating costs for retail stores continue to increase year over year, calling for development of shop lighting concepts to both improve retailer cost structure and enhance the lighting experience to increase circulation of goods. 

Retail lighting manufacturers predominantly focus on either improving LED energy efficiency, favoring lumens over light color, or emphasize superior light quality and rich vivid color LED arrays, often at the expense of luminaire efficiency. Common responses to satisfy retail end users are to excel in one aspect of lighting over others. Altiflux prefers a holistic view, balancing both efficiency and light quality.


Perfect Balance Between Efficiency and Color – Altiflux High Efficiency (HE) Solutions

Engineered to deliver best-in-class CRI90+ efficiency, amid enhanced color saturation (Fidelity and Gamut optimized), Altiflux HE solutions offer the perfect balance in energy efficiency and rich light colors for retail applications.

Altiflux HE LED products combine high total energy efficiency of up to >150lm/W with outstanding spectral output (TM-30 metrics) and slightly enhanced gamut zone, providing more saturated colors, desirable for retail areas:


Key Benefits to Retailers

Lower annual energy consumption of lighting and reduction of air conditioning requirements, enabling lower total operating costs for all stores with Altiflux HE luminaries.

Improved shopping experience for customers through optimized level of brightness and color perception.

Environmental sustainability and enforcement of green corporate values.