Lighting Concept Design

We bring together a global network of leading lighting design companies and together, provide a comprehensive plan for illuminating retail spaces. We ensure concept design that compound visual comfort with sufficient illuminance to displayed merchandise, as well as general lighting, across all store sections, whilst keeping control of the set cost- and energy efficiency targets.


Dedicated to Department, Fashion, Food & Grocery Store Lighting

Altiflux LED spot- and floodlights are designed to be extremely versatile, and can be customized to fit the needs of all retail applications and more. We configure each luminaire to meet the specific concept design, be that in fashion, food & grocery or department store.

OEM Lighting Manufacture

Whilst remaining protective of your unique brand experience, we can help you and your customers from behind the scenes by supporting your manufacturing needs with white or private labeled products, customized to your specific requirements.

Furthermore, we can assist you with individualized product data to support your brand’s unique data reporting and marketing style.

Talk to us about your lighting requirements. We understand the value of what a great brand can deliver in the lighting project industry and our ISO9001 certified manufacturing assures conformity with the relevant quality management standards.

After Sales

We believe our customers’ interests are paramount, which is why they are set at the core our our daily operations.

We want to really know our customers. How it feels to sit in their chair, how they operate and take decisions, what are their values and goals in terms of lighting supply, and moreover, what challenges they are facing? We strive to help our customers without self-interest, and build relationships of mutual trust before, during, and after sales.

Even with industry leading components and product testing, sometimes failures can happen. In case of product failures under our 5-year warranty, we will replace or credit the lighting fixture.

Bespoke Products

Need a special lighting tool? Tell us about your goals for bespoke lighting products and receive assistance or fully designed, tested and crafted solution to meet your requirements.

We can help you by taking over your product design, and maximize the output of the design process together.